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The Lie


Three men in a hotel room in Cannes. One day before an artistic breakthrough. A past that needs to be faced. ‘The Lie’ is a play about the friendship between three men. It takes place in the world of film making, a place where dreams can come true, but where the price of those dreams may turn out to be very high. Under the surface, another reality exists: that of greed, competition and self-deception. How far is one ready to go to get what one wants? What is the real price of dreams? Are friendships up for sale? Who cheats who? The characters in ‘The Lie’ are honest in their attempt to achieve their dreams. But when they finally reach the possibility of a remarkable international breakthrough, it brings up in them features that none of them had been able to expect. ‘The Lie’ also asks what the place of art is in today’s society. What should today’s artists be like? And what is the role of an artist in an increasingly commercialising world where a quick financial return is what matters most?



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