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Non Existere


Non Existere: A Play about Vanishing Things is about things that vanish. It is made of independent scenes which look at these vanishing things from different points of view. The scope of the work varies from scene to scene, from the individual to the global, from grannies to black to holes. Non Existere is slightly different than a typical drama text. The order of scenes can be changed, scenes can be removed, new ones can be written in, and in general all changes to the text are permitted. Non Existere leaves plenty of space for the vision of the director or some other member of the artistic team. It is closer to performance arts and “choose your own adventure” type young adult fiction that a traditional drama text. It is not a finished play. It is a starting point for you and your team’s performances, so go ahead and choose only those scenes that most appeal to you and carry out only those exercises that interest you. The intention is that each production of Non Existere is entirely different. Therefore, all stage directions are only suggestions, and one should approach them as one does serving suggestions printed on shop food.



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