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Lady Lodore


Lady Lodore is an adaptation from the second last novel by Mary Shelley, Lodore (1835), a bold and heart-rending depiction of women’s rights in the 19th century — and perhaps today. Young Ethel loses her father Lord Lodore in a duel and instantly becomes dependent on her husband Edward, deep in debt, since she has been painfully deprived from her mother Lady Lodore in early childhood. Sadly, only after giving away her fortune, leaving her position as the queen of London society, and moving to the solitude of the mountains of Wales Lady gets the opportunity to win back her daughter’s heart by saving her from living under house arrest. The play also describes the life of the settlers in Illinois, America, in a peculiar way, and features a range of settings, such as Essex, New York and Niagara Falls, Naples, the Forest of Windsor in London, and the Coliseum in Rome.



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