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Det er negerens skyld (Lautanen Somalian verta)


Det er negerens skyld is a sad but also surprisingly funny play about the extreme right or neo-Nazis in Finland. (Including, for example, one racist joke.) It is a completely fictional story about the rise of a fictional extreme right political party set in the fictional city called Turku. Det er negerens skyld takes place in not-so-distant-future Finland, in the next great recession. Finnish extreme right has suffered from a lack of credibility, but this is about to change when average Finns start to ask whose fault their misery is. The extreme right is there to give the answer: the situation is… Negro’s fault! (Or “negerens skyld”.) The play deals with comical neo-Nazi clichés but also with the more serious effects of the phenomenon: the growing popularity of the extreme right and the racist violence.



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Miehiä 5

Naisia: 3

Yhteensä: 8

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