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The different games and tactics of this story condense into a solitary word: Confidence. Kara, a 32 year old economist, is teaching University undergraduates while preparing to write a doctoral thesis of her own. For Kara, rationality is a gratifying guideline for life; that is, until a family dinner changes everything. Kara’s father, a professor, has stunning news. Kara receives a new deadline which she abhors. While contending in a crossfire of expectations targeted at her career status, this young woman with academic aspirations gets drawn into two opposing courses of action dominating her life. She learns something about the games that people play and the tangible disposition of humanity. She discovers that not everything can be optimised, not even with careful contemplation. DEADLINE brings neoclassical economic concepts and reasoning a little closer to the regular consumer, developing a clearness from both the differences as well as the perspectives of economical policy. Through an airtight dramatic device the play examines such concepts like micro and macro economics, game theory, comparative advantage and the distribution of wealth. The intention is to give the audience tools to pick up the discourse about the global economy. To invite them to take part in a decision making process in a world in which political authority is a mere agent in the swaying development of society and the individual, in a world in which authority moves from the electorate and politicians to the markets and consumers.



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