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Антиквариат (rakastettu Johansson)


A summery comedy about the residents of a city-owned senior citizens’ residential block called ‘Mink Farm’. The play takes place in the yard which is seething with activity, for new residents have just moved in: Tiina as well as Johansson, whose place is frequented by dubious visitors. The old residents, ‘honourable’ Saimi and the more cheerful Emmi, take Tiina through the customs of the residency; but Johansson keeps to himself. Reading Emmi’s future from a deck of cards, Tiina gets everyone excited about finding Emmi a fiancé, and so the residents take their search to the local dance hall. But for the petrified Kåre the trip proves to be too much. Kåre’s death shocks everyone. By virtue of her dogged persistence, Tiina finds the underlying cause to a secret that Johansson has been keeping from everyone. And so, life continues at the Mink Farm like it always has: spying on one another, gossiping, offering a helping hand, and even taking care of one’s own health – if there is time, that is! (Source: Liisa Kosonen: Kesänäytelmäluettelo 1996, SHT)



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Miehiä 2

Naisia: 5

Yhteensä: 7

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