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To each his own/Dead and gone to granny’s


REDDIE, the younger brother of marketing executive PATRICK, tries to
make a career in television by hosting a macabre show “LIVE DEATH” in which he wants to show the ways in which people die. At the moment he only tells stories about their deaths and wishes to have a live video tape of any death to show on TV.
PATRICK, a would-be talented violinist, has made a remarkable career in direct marketing, but has lost every penny. His wife and children have left him. He is very depressed, like many times before. His last chance to survive is a Russian distribution contract which he wants to sell to LEO BERNSTEIN, his rival and idol in the business, but it’s a long shot that even PATRICK himself doesn’t believe in. So he is trying to commit
suicide and wants to film it on video and leave the tape to his brother for his TV-show.
LINDA, PATRICK’s mistress for thirteen years, has left PATRICK and picks up FREDDIE from a beer joint. They come to PATRICK’s, because FREDDIE always helps his brother through the bad moods. FREDDIE doesn’t know that LINDA has been his brothers mistress. LEO BERSTEIN calls and tells FREDDIE that the Russian deal with PATRICK is on. FREDDIE promises to tell his brother, but leaves with LINDA before doing so. PATRICK enters the garage and discusses his life while recording himself on video, while hangin a rope, mixing rat poison in his beer and trying to make a Japanese Harakiri. He is interrupted by LINDA and FREDDIE, who enter the garage again, after making love. Slowly it becomnes clear to FREDDIE that his succesful brother has lost everything. Just when Freddie is about to tell PATRICK about LEO BERSTEIN’s telephone call and the good news PATRICK reveals that he has had an affair with LINDA for years. FREDDIE gets mad and witholds the vital information about the Russian deal. LINDA’s husband, CARLO, comes back from work too early and finds LINDA missing. He comes to PATRICK’s house (knowing they were supposed to have ended the relationship) to get his wife. PATRICK interprets this as an opportunity to get killed in an honourable way and so he does. LINDA and FREDDIE begin to work together and they perform different acts together to please the TV producer, who wants a live video of a real death. They are married and have moved to PATRICK’s (and FREDDIE’s childhood) house. They discuss their future, while PATRICK plays his violin in the form of an angel in the same garage and comments on FREDDIE’s and LINDA’s discussions.
FREDDIE doesn’t see the death video (PATRICK erases it in anger). PATRICK (as an angel) and FREDDIE “talk” about their father who wanted to train PATRICK to be a real soldier like he had been in the army and how PATRICK only wanted to play the violin. How Father tossed a coin to make a choice between the two sons of his. And how he chose the wrong son.
Finally FREDDIE and LINDA agree that FREDDIE starts a career in business with LEO BERSTEIN and the Russian contract, which was left to FREDDIE in PATRICK’s testament.



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