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The Problem


Life at the home of Aino and Jean Sibelius is difficult. He composes, she stares out of the window. Even drinking coffee together poses problems. Robert Kajanus interrupts their twofold lonesomeness; he wants them to move to the city where it is saver. An old rivalry still overshadows his relationship with Sibelius. The play moves back in time to when Kajanus was offered a university post that Sibelius expected to be appointed for: Akseli Gallen-Kallela has already congratulated Sibelius for the post Kajanus now holds. Sibelius needs money for a home outside the city but money comes irregularly and he has difficulties convincing the banker. When he visits a prostitute he’s disappointed she doesn’t recognise him as Finland’s only international genius. Act II is set again at the home of the Sibelius family. Jean finally finishes his eight symphony and reading the score, Aino realises that all her suffering has been worthwhile. Now she again has her husband to herself – until, at the very end of the play – Sibelius already starts planning his ninth.



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Miehiä 4

Naisia: 2

Yhteensä: 6

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