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The Numskulls


The Numskulls is an extravaganza based on internationally known folktales about innocent simpletons. The tribe of numskulls finds the most beautiful valley of the world and decides to settle down to live and reproduce – unfortunately they have no children. They do everything wrong – they build a house without windows and carry in light with a sack. They sow salt in the earth hoping for a seed of salt, they go swimming in the waving rye where they also think one of them has drowned. Finally they drown in their own incapability and in their own tears. The play was written for the whole family, i.e. also for children, with plenty of numskull gags and songs, with strongly typified situations and roles and still there is the wisdom of old folktales and material for insight: it would be worthwhile to live in accordance with nature, something the numskulls don’t do… (Tinfo)



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Yhteensä: 8

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