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The Clairvoyant


Anita is a clairvoyant who runs a small city hotel with her son Jan, who is celebrating his 20th birthday. As a birthday present, Anita has promised to finally reveal to Jan who his real father is. In the meantime, Jan has always enjoyed the option of being able to imagine his father in ideal terms: To whit, he has a picture of Big-Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall, who he refers to as his father. Anita’s mother Elena, though technically now an angel, is anything but an angel in her behaviour. She is Anita’s clairvoyant connection to the other side, and only Anita can hear her hectoring banter. Meanwhile, in another town, Anita’s long lost teenage lover, Johan – or the Smootcher, as he was then known – kills himself with an overdose of placebos and ends up on the other side with Elena, with whom he never got on. In fact, as it is later revealed, it was Elena who fouled up Anita’s and the Smootcher’s excellent chance of making a match. The children of these two old lovers, Anita’s son Jan and Mary-Anne, the daughter of the Smootcher who has arrived to try and sell a novel, meet and fall in love. Jan’s long-anticipated meeting with his real father turns sour, as he is revealed to be the husband of Anita’s friend Eva, who has arrived unexpectedly — to find out from a clairvoyant if his husband has another woman. In the end Jan and Mary-Anne decide to get married, Johan is called back to life due to a bureaucratic foul-up in heaven and is thereby free to resume his interrupted affair with Anita after 25 years. Elena, meanwhile, gets her permit to move on to Paradise. (Tinfo/Sunklo)



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