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Insensibilità (Tunnottomuus)


Seppo is a middle-aged man whose life appears to be in order. He is a successful lawyer with enough wealth to make life easy, has been married for a long time with his wife Tuula, and his son Marko is already an adult and working as a doctor. But something is still missing, for somehow nothing feels like anything. During a fishing trip at their summer cottage, Seppo meets Marko’s new girlfriend, a photographer called Milva. A sadomasochistic relationship quickly develops between Seppo and Milva, but even the fierce sex games soon fail to make Seppo feel anything. He knowingly endangers the life of his loved ones, but even that feels like nothing. Even his self-conscience doesn’t bother him. Tuula and Marko figure out that Seppo and Milva are having an affair. For Tuula, it is no longer enough to escape into her hobby of painting, and she decides to sort out the situation face-to-face with Milva. Milva and Marko break up. Also Seppo and Milva end their relationship, but somehow Seppo remains connected to Milva. Pirkko Saisio’s play is a tragicomedy about contemporary people, which includes plenty of comic dialogue, and not least from the mouth of Seppo’s mother Toini, who is, depending on Seppo’s situation, either demented or sharp-witted. (Teija Hakamäki: Näytelmäluettelo 2006, SHT)



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Miehiä 2

Naisia: 3

Yhteensä: 5

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