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In Gehenna’s Night


Two poets, Josef Julius Wecksell, a wonder child of Swedish language drama and poetry in Finland, and Aleksis Kivi, the first and still greatest genius of Finnish literature, meet as inmates of a mental hospital. Feelings of brotherhood, sympathy, envy and hate alternate as they come closer to one another in this shared hell. Revenge for the injustices of the world, as well as attempts to finally destroy the other are mingled with a genuine desire to help and love when the poets decide to write caricatures of each other and perform them to the staff. Thanks to the caricatures, the poets comprehend their own nature, their limitations and riches. They decide to go back to the real world, violently demanding that they be released from the hospital, but the superintendent orders them to be shut from the world for the rest of their lives. (Tinfo/Sunklo)



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Miehiä 4

Naisia: 2

Yhteensä: 6

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