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God’s Lover


God’s Lover is a play about the construction of identity of a generation that worships images. The protagonist adores his own reflection in the mirror, seeing it as something like a religious icon, and wishes to create of himself a picture of God, modelled on Michelangelo’s David. With this basic premise, Lover of God deals with the oldest and most painful of man’s existential problems. Yet, this is actually to describe it mildly, using unsuitably theoretical terms. More accurately, Parviainen in his work hits, tears, shouts and abuses, pulling out the pain and filth from underneath our ostensibly normal lives. His play asks: if man is the image of God, what is God like? Through his powerful execution, Parviainen creates a new type of theatrical expression, thunderous and terrifying, almost Wagnerian in its intensity. (Tinfo/Sunklo)



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Miehiä 7

Naisia: 5

Yhteensä: 12

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