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Demain à quatre heures (Huomenna kello neljä)


The play tells the story of a young don juan, an anti hero of the working class. Jukka, a hospital worker and the son of a communist, is becoming increasingly angry about his place in the world. Slowly, this anger develops to such heights, and to such a bourgeoisie degree, that he begins to display signs of fascism. Jukka embarks on a search for a new direction, a place in society that he could inhabit, but all his relations with people end up bitter and frustrated. He expects a miracle for himself, and in the meantime preaches, seduces, deceives and steals. In the end, Jukka finds himself at a dead end, and tries to force a way to personal freedom – by setting himself on fire. (Tinfo/Sunklo)



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Miehiä 5

Naisia: 6

Yhteensä: 11

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