Three Weeks in the Clouds

Komedia, Draama
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What makes a man quit a job he enjoys as a lawyer in the city council, seek anonymity, and leave his wife and family? All in just a few days time, as if acting on the spur of the moment. Où est la femme? Yes. But why would he hit the road with a private detective's identity papers in his pocket after having bought himself faded old clothes from the Salvation Army. To search for something? Yes. Tenho, the leading character in the play Three Weeks in the Clouds is a middle-aged man, who has suddenly lost grip of everything, even the minor details of his normal life. The story of this comic play follows Tehno's desperate, laughable and even tearful attempts to unravel the amazing turns his life has taken. He notices that nothing was actually what he had thought it was, neither his family nor his relationship with his wife and son. Like a blind man, he had trotted along from morning till night, day after day, without seeing what really happened around him. And now he has reached the end of the road, and has to start his life all over again. The play is about a great change that an individual person is confronted with while the social surroundings step into a new era with new demands. (Tinfo)

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